48 hours in Shanghai- What you shouldn’t miss!

48 hours in Shanghai- What you shouldn’t miss!

What do flight attendants do on the day of arrival?

The day I arrive in Shanghai, I first lie down for a few hours to recharge my batteries as I worked on the flight. If you have the energy, make the most of the day and do some sight-seeing and buy your bus or train ticket for the next day to one of the beautiful water cities of Zhouzhuang, Hangzhou, Suzhou or Tongli.
I usually circle the most important points on the map and then will have a look at how many I can check out. I also take a photo of the map with my smartphone. Like this it isn’t that obvious that I am a tourist, whenever I want to orient myself. With a big map, you’ll everyone will know right away. Personally, I do not like that. I try to visit a maximum of two temples a day, otherwise I will get bored as it all kind of looks the same to me. Here is a suggested route from me for a whole day. Just pick the most interesting.

Shanghai map

How to buy bus and train tickets in Shanghai

All of this you can find out in the blog post “How to buy bus and train tickets in Shanghai”. I will tell you this much though. Buy a bus ticket definetely a day ahead just in case they are sold out the day off your travels. The Tour Bus Center is open from 7am to 7pm. – All information is provided without guarantee.

Shanghai Sight Seeing

Longhua Temple

How to get there? Metro Stop: Lohnghua Road Exit 4.  It’s a beautiful temple right next to a big park. So if you want to spend a couple of hours away from the buzzing city, I recommend you to come here.

Lohnghua Tempel

Jing’an Tempel

How to get there? Metro Stop: Jing’an Temple Exit 1, turn left when you exit the metro station and turn left again at the street corner. You want to get a first impression of a temple? Then this is perfect for you and it is very easy to find.

Pudong District/Oriental Tower/Skyscrapers

How to get there? Metro Stop Lujiazui Exit 2. When you exit the metro station you will find yourself surrounded by a lot of skyscrapers. You can visit the Observation Tower, where several light shows take place in the evening. I have only looked at it from the outside so far. But therefore I visited the Grand Hyatt’s “Cloud Bar 9”. It is located in the Jinmao Tower. You have to take the elevator to the lobby level 56 as if you want to go to the hotel. From here you really have a great view and you do not have to pay the overpriced viewing platforms. But hush! Do not tell too many people about it. Just enjoy the view with a nice cocktail!



How to get there? Just walk towards the river and take a ferry for 2RMB back to the Bund side. There you will really have a great view no matter if it’s day or night, both are super nice.

Bund Shanghai

Ferry Shanghai

Yuyuan Gardan

How to get there? You can start walking here from the Bund and buy souvenirs or taste local specialties. There is also a garden where you can attend a tea ceremony.

Crab Soup Dumplings

Yuyuan Garten

These are my tips for you. If you do not want to leave the city, you can also enjoy this recommended tour during two days. If you are up for a day trip to visit the Bund on your first day and on the next day you are ready and fit for a beautiful excursion to Zhouzhuang, Hangzhou, Suzhou or Tongli. Tongli.

Real Shanghai

Let me know how you liked it and leave me a comment.

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