Fly with Jules

Fly with Jules

In this section “Fly with Jules” I want to share with you my life as a flight attendant and answer your questions.

• What do I do during a layover?
• How to become a flight attendant?
• Can one live on a flight attendant’s salary?
• Will you do this until you retire?
and much more…

I became a flight attendant in 2010. Was it planned? No, not really but you can learn more about that in “Why did I become a flight attendant?” I definitely love working in my job, even if it is sometimes exhausting and getting over the jet lag takes sometimes longer than I would like to.

Even though I have lived and been on holiday in many parts of the world, flying also allows me to discover new cultures and places that are not the first holiday destination on my bucket list. Of course, there are also many places I can finally travel to where I haven’t been before.

Due to my former profession in hotel management, I have a lot of friends and contacts spread all over the world. It is great to meet and catch up with them. If I was not working in aviation, it would not be so easy to keep in touch.

As you can see a perfect combination of the old and the new.

Just for you!

I set up an extra page where you can write your questions in the comments, which I will answer as soon as I can, either personally or in a blog post.

I am looking forward to your questions!

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