Why did I become a flight attendant?

Why did I become a flight attendant?

If you ask this question a flight attendant, you will get usually one of these two answers:

It has always been my dream job!
I only wanted to do this temporary!

What was my reason?
Rather the second one.
At the age of 16, I had the idea of ​​becoming a flight attendant, but I had too much respect to work so high up in the sky looking down on earth above all I wanted to get to know the world. In my opinion, the best way to do this is to move to a country and work there. The impressions and experiences are quite different and much more intense. You don’t only see the beautiful sides, but also learn the everyday life with its whole ups and downs.

After I resigned from my job in hotel management, I tried to reorient my career completely during one year. But despite volunteering in the Amazon and South Africa, I still did not know where my journey would take me to, so I applied as a hotel tester for luxury hotels.

This had been my secret dream during my time working in the hotel industry, to eventually become a hotel auditor. A girlfriend had asked me if I was interested in auditing hotels worldwide. Sure, of course! On the prospect of staying in luxury hotels, who would say no?

Luxus Hotel The Ritz-Carlton Laguna Niguel

Why did I still apply at Lufthansa at the same time?

To be honest it was a backup plan. Meanwhile, I had lived a year off my savings, stayed at one of my best friends in Germany and worked a few hours a week as a barista at the Mercedes plant in Sindelfingen. I wanted this to change quickly and get a bit of structure back into my life, with a job that is fun and allows me to stay a little longer in one place and build a new circle of friends. Besides, I had a couple of girlfriends who worked for different airlines and their stories of flying inspired me to do the same.

All interviews at both companies were great! I first got a job offer as a hotel auditor; even at my terms. But somehow something was missing! Do you know that feeling? You’re so excited and happy, but it does not feel right in your heart. Well, whenever I thought of Lufthansa’s last outstanding interview, my heart jumped for joy and and I felt butterflies in my stomach.

Only a few hours after the interview I already got the job offer. I knew immediately, THIS IS IT! Living the life as a flight attendant; despite the loss of income and constantly being on the road or should I say in the air. But I have a base, a home to which I can always return and still continue to get to know different countries, meet new people as well as old friends.

Why did I become a flight attendant

Was it difficult to make that decision?

Yes totally! I really liked the team from the hotel auditing cmompany. Everyone seemed to be super nice and I felt comfortable right away. They even offered me a contract more or less on my conditions. At that time I did not want to live in Bangkok but rather in Europe. The salary was great and more or less the same I earned in hotelmanagement. I actually had already accepted the offer , but then came the offer from Lufthansa and I declined the other job. This was very difficult for me, since I always stood by my word. But even seven years later I haven’t regretted my decision.

So how did I know this was the right way?

Both jobs gave me the opportunity to travel, but as a hotel tester you almost never have time to get to know the country. You are the whole time in the hotel or its grounds, go through check-lists and writes reports. The working days are very long and you are almost always alone. My goal was to work less than I did in the hotel industry with the goal to have more time in my personal life. As a flight attendant I work different shifts and have to fight the jet lag, but when I arrive to a destination, I usually have time to do something; discover the place, try new types of food, go hiking and so much more. You don’t take work home as in other jobs. Besides, I am so lucky to stay in touch with my friends from all over the world. Dinner in Miami or breakfast in New York with friends, no problem!

Lastly it was my gut instinct which convinced me. Sometimes you can not say exactly why you have to do something, you just feel it and know it is right.

Here is a summary of the points which convinced me:

• Travel the world
• Stay in touch with friends
• Time to do things during the layover
• Meet new people
• More freetime
• Let work be what it is work
• Continue to work in a team
• Free accomodation
• My gut instinct

So do not be afraid to go new ways and listen to your gut feeling!

Tell me: What are your dreams?  What would you still like to achieve? And what are you afraid of? Looking forward to hearing about your thoughts in the comments and I hope to encourag you to do give it a shot.

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